SALT WAVE is the only Salt Therapy or Halotherapy Breathing Center in Canada built with the close guidance of hospital POLICLINICO DI BARI in Italy. 

Before you book an appointment, be sure you are visiting an authentic salt therapy or halotherapy breathing center. Passive salt caves, Hymanylan salt cave, or salt-covered walls and floors do not mean that you are in an authentic halotherapy or salt therapy room. There is no medical research on any of the passive salt rooms, salt caves, or Hymanylan salt rooms. Authentic salt therapy or halotherapy breathing centers will have a certified halotherapist. A certified halotherapist will know how to use a halogenerator, the number of sessions, and salt concentration needed for each lung, skin, and sinus condition. Inside a salt therapy or halotherapy Mercedes Sprinter Van, there are controlling sensors that carefully monitor the halogenerator and accurately measures the amount of dry salt aerosol concentration that is in the air inside the treatment Mercedes Sprinter Van. This ensures your safety and provides you with optimal therapeutic levels of salt concentration. At SALT WAVE, we use a halogenerator imported from Eastern Europe. Cheap versions of halogenarators available in the market of "halotherapy" run uncontrollably and without sufficient grinding of salt particles to the respirable fraction.