Asthma And Salt Therapy

As one of the millions of people affected by the sometimes debilitating condition of asthma, you have likely tried various methods to treat your disease. You have probably tried an abundance of treatments and medications designed to treat your asthma and reduce your problematic symptoms. Thankfully, the asthma salt therapy offered at Salt Wave is a natural therapy designed to treat many respiratory conditions, including asthma. The asthma natural treatment of salt therapy has been shown to not only give you much-desired relief of your current asthma symptoms but to prevent future attacks from occurring. Salt therapy is a non-drug alternative to treat this dangerous condition that occurs primarily due to the irritation in the airways and lungs, causing the surrounding muscles to tighten and cut off the airway.


Asthma natural therapy works by reducing inflammation within the airways, reducing IgE levels, ensuring the immune system is reacting properly, and kills bacteria.  As far back as 200 years ago in Europe, asthma sufferers sought out salt mines in an effort to relieve their symptoms. Today, by entering a spa-like room, with dim lighting, soft music, and zero gravity chairs, controlled by a halogenerator to mimic the microclimate found in salt caves, you can experience the healing properties discovered hundreds of years before. For best results, you will likely need between 10 and 30 sessions, spread out in two to three visits a week. The salt therapy offered at Salt Wave will give you a renewed lease on life, free of the problematic symptoms associated with chronic asthma.