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Our salt therapy room is uniquely designed to help you get into a deep relaxation state while you enjoy your salt treatment. The walls are beautiful white Sea Salt. Our top-of-the-line Halogenerator crushes pharmaceutical dead sea salt into fine particles to disperse into the air for inhalation. Come in and choose your seat! We have Zero Gravity Chairs to accommodate the comfort level of most people to allow the body to de-stress. Soft blankets are provided to keep you cozy during your session if needed. Sit back, relax, breathe, and listen to the gentle sounds of waves crashing on the beach. Our salt room is set up for ten people in case you want to book the entire room for your book club, church group, company meetings, Bridal party, or an office outing. Contact us for more details and get ready to relax in the most beautiful salt room in Ottawa!


To understand the effectiveness of salt therapy, you must first consider the natural healing elements of salt itself. Salt particles have been proven effective at opening up the airways, cleansing the airway of allergens, pollutants, dust, and smoke. Salt also has natural antihistamine, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Salt Wave has taken this powerful, naturally occurring substance, and transformed into a healing spa-like therapy that will treat various skin and respiratory conditions in a safe, effective, holistic manner.