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Technologies for Halotherapy 

What is the difference between the many salt aerosol generators presented in today's market?


At SALT WAVE we use controlled halogenerators .  designed and made by SALT WAVE. Cheap versions of halogenarators available in the market of "halotherapy" run uncontrollably and without sufficient grinding of salt particles to the respirable fraction.


Moreover, the cheapness of such marketed devices keeps operating costs high (capsules of milled salt, high consumption, special cleansing materials) and poor quality leads to numerous outages during operation, and therefore too costly repairs and downtime of salt room business. 


Why do you need salt therapy technologies with controlling sensors?


Specialists have noticed that uncontrolled aerosol supply in many salt rooms is causing overconcentration that may be dangerous for many patients. Halogenerators must control aerosol concentration to keep the salt room environment safe and beneficial according to halotherapy standards. In today's market all claims to provide accurate aerosol concentration and maintain it during a session without "feedback" of sensors installed inside of the room, are not true. 






Why can only rock salt be used for "halotherapy"?


Halotherapy is the method of curative application of dry salt aerosol.  The use of other natural salts (salt from seawater, Himalayan, Persian, etc.) inside salt rooms have no use for many reasons.


First of all, let's turn to Nature: the caves that have earned a reputation as effective places of treatment are composed of rock salt. Research information on curative Himalayan salt caves is not found. As well, no studies were done on the application of such salts for inhalation.


Himalayan salts in the aerosol are used in salt rooms have an unstable composition and the presence of impurities that can be harmful to the respiratory tract, such as, for example, clay. Himalayan salt also contains potassium, and its quantity varies considerably. So it is more appropriate to use rock salt for aerosol because it has permanent content and a small number of impurities. 


At SALT WAVE we only use salt from the Dead Sea rocks. The rocks are sent to a special laboratory. The salt from these rocks is cleaned and then called pharmaceutical grade salt and it has no impurities at all. Just any sea salt also has a variable composition and its aerosol is not safe for breathing. The walls in a salt room can be made from any salt - rock salt, food salt, Himalayan or sea salt in various ways (salt tiles, "salt plaster" etc.). It does not matter for health improvement reasons as the walls do not produce an aerosol.

About Halotherapy Mechanisms