What should I wear?

We can accommodate up to fifteen people inside our salt room. You will enter the biggest, safest, most prominent salt room in North America. We currently have over 1000 yearly members. First-time customers are required to call and book their first session over the phone. We do not accept walk-ins. On average members book one to three sessions every week per month. We maintain a clean and safe environment inside and outside the salt room. We will continue to present a professional image to clients and the public. There is zero tolerance for clients or members dressed inappropriately. You will be asked to change or reschedule your appointment. All of our clients and members must use their best judgment in dressing appropriately inside the salt room. Pants, sweatpants, jeans, leggings, t-shirts and sweaters are permitted inside the salt room. Tank tops, muscle shirts, boxers, spaghetti strap tank tops, bathing suits, dresses, skirts, shorts, are not permitted inside the salt room. If you suffer from acne, eczema or psoriasis It is recommended to breathe in pharmaceutical grade salt 2 to 3 times a week for three months. Clients and members have the option to expose their skin to the salt in the air, although it is not required to treat skin diseases. We book private salt sessions a month in advance. Optimal salt therapy or halotherapy rooms temperature is 22 - 28 degrees Celsius or 70 to 82 Fahrenheit humidity level is 40% or less. We provide surgical shoe coverings if you wish to keep your shoes or boots on.


For our children sessions, we request that they come to their salt sessions in clothing that is clean and free of dirt or mud. The microclimate of our salt room is said to be three times cleaner than a sterile surgery room in a hospital. Salt is a natural anti-bacterial, and it kills all bacteria on contact. Besides, our filtered ventilation system is continually working to circulate the air in the salt room, drawing used air out and clean, filtered air in. Utterly new air and salt are pumped into the room before each session. 


How is dry salt aerosol better than saline treatments (Neti pots, nebulizers, etc.)?​

Dry salt is more effective than moist salt (saline). Dry salt is very high in negative ions. The inner surfaces of your airways are positively charged and therefore draw the dry salt into the airways where it is most beneficial. Also, saline is known to cause some bronchial hyperactivity. Dry salt aerosol used with the right temperature and humidity like in a halotherapy room avoids bronchial swelling and spasm.  You also ingest less salt during a 50-minute Halotherapy session than the dose received while inhaling moist sodium chloride aerosol (saline). Lastly, people have been known to contract serious infections from non-sterile water used in wet saline therapies. This cannot occur with dry salt aerosol.

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