What is Not Permitted Inside The Salt Room:

  1. We maintain a clean and safe environment inside and outside the salt room. We will continue to present a professional image to clients and the public. There is zero tolerance for clients or members dressed inappropriately. You will be asked to change or reschedule your appointment. All our clients and members must use their best judgment in dressing appropriately inside the salt room. Bathing suits, dresses, short skirts, skirts, shorts, tank tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti strap tank tops or boxers are not permitted inside the salt room.

  2. No Wet Clothes Or Wet Hair.

  3. Cell phones, Laptops, Radios, Smart Watches, Hearing Aids.

  4. DO NOT Use Clothes That Smell Like Smoke Inside The Salt Room.

  5. No Boots Unless You Are Wearing Shoe Covers.

  6. No Perfumes Or Essential Oils Inside The Salt Room.

  7. No Talking Inside The Salt Room In Our Quiet Adult Salt Sessions.

  8. Parents Cannot Leave Their Kids Unsupervised In The Salt Room.

  9. Coffee, Juice Box, Soda, Teas.

  10. No Food, Cookies, Chips, Crackers, Bubble Gum.

What Is Permitted Inside The Salt Room:

  1. Pants, sweatpants, jeans, leggings, t-shirts and sweaters are permitted inside the salt room. 

  2. A Bottle Of Water

  3. Pillows, Yoga Mats, Blankets

  4. Toys, Books, Board Games, 

  5. Indoor Shoes And Sandals

  6. Back Support And Foot Support

  7. Wheel Chairs

  8. Walkers For Seniors

  9. Parents may use cell phones or laptops as long as they are in Ziploc bags and ONLY in our children's salt sessions. Ask for our WIFI password.

Contraindications: Halotherapy is recognized as safe and effective wellness practise for preventive and restorative health care. It is not a medical treatment and does not offer a cure. Halotherapy is not recommended for people with contagious diseases, fever, open wounds, cancer, severe hypertension, mental disorders and active tuberculosis. Pregnant women should consult with their doctor before using Halotherapy. Anyone with serious health concerns needs to seek proper medical advice and care.

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