Through our 47+ year history SALT WAVE has made quality SERVICE Halo Therapy. We carefully select our salt from the best places of the world . We have unique soaps products available that are proven to work with serious skin conditions. SALT WAVE carries many amazing , innovative salt products for personal use.  SALT WAVE believes in quality, it’s the reason we created the best salt therapy rooms in the world.  We believe that we can make a difference in your quality of life.

As a small business person or experienced franchisee we understand that you’re always looking for new investing opportunities. Now is a great time to choose SALT WAVE ! With low investment costs and great incentive plans for qualified buyers, it’s possible to have your Salt Room up and running within as little as six months.

SALT WAVE franchise owners have a great opportunity to be part of their customer’s day and we understand how important that is. That is why all franchise owners complete our corporate training program called SALT WAVE Training. This training helps equip you with the skills and knowledge to run your business. Franchisee Business Consultants are always on the ground, in each region, to help you make your Salt Room a success.

provide aSalt Room experience to the customer with great Halotherapy environment

​​ $ 50.000        

 $ 4.000 - $ 10.000

 $ 30.000 - $ 90.000 

 $ 1.000 - 3.000

 $ 500 - 3.000

 $ 1.800 - $ 5.000

 $ 8.000 - $ 30.000

​ $ 1.000 - $ 5.000

 $ 1000 - 10.000

 $ 1.000 - $ 15.000

​ $ 500 - $ 1.000

​ $ 98.800 - $ 222.000

1) Initial Application

Complete application , Proof of Citizenship provided , 

Resume Review , FDD Signed & returned

SALT WAVE  is looking for high quality, motivated entrepreneurs who have been there and done that. Whether you started out with as small business owner or came from a Salt Room background, we believe there could be a place for you here, and we’d love to talk with you.

We are looking for that perfect combination within our franchise owners.  That means men and women who have the perfect blend of experience, strong business background, and willingness go to the extra mile.

We’re looking for franchisees with multiple years of experience and great leadership skills, who know that it makes sense to invest in their team members for the long term.  We’re looking for franchisees who want to create the right environment within their Salt Room and give perfect service to each customer that walks in the door.  We’re looking for people who are involved in their communities, and want to build a business that makes that community even better.  So whether you’re a small business owner or an experience business person looking to make an impact on your community, we’d love for you to become a part of the SALT WAVE team.

Follow these steps…..

3) Interview Evaluation

Speak with a Franchise Business Consultant,
FranchiZe Profiler Questionnaire

National brand recognition

5) Grand Opening
Finalize space , Sign lease , Begin construction ,
Store grand opening

4) Application Approval

​Business plan review , Secure financing ,
Sign franchise agreement , Site review and approval

->To learn more visit our FAQ section.

Low initial investment

S A L T    W A V E   

For small Salt Room , the average size of the store ranges from 800 sq ft to 900 sq ft with specific requirements for the front and back areas.

take ownership of your Salt Room, stand by your results and learn from your successes and failures

Simple build out

Estimated Initial Investment

For transfer assistances, please visit our contact page

Professional Halotherapy

So if you’re ready to start your  SALT WAVE , let’s go!

excel within your community, guide your Salt Room and team members

use your previous Salt Room knowledge to succeed with your future business growth

 Franchise Fee

 Real Estate/Rent

​ Leasehold Improvaments




 Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

 Initial Inventory

 Grand Opening

 Bulding Permits/ Impact Fee

 Dues & Subscriptions


2) Financial Review

Proof of cash , Credit check ,
Financial review

Typically, new build or traditional Salt Room range from 1,200-1,600 sq ft. We can build down to 1,000 sq ft, and up to 1,800 sq ft.

Pricing includes: Architectural fees, Equipment, Construction materials, Signage, Leasehold improvements, Cash register, Credit card, Music, Computer systems, Phones, Business licenses, Training expenses, Opening Advertising, Opening inventory.

Dedicated regional and corporate support

every day give maximum effort and proactively respond to change for your Salt Room to succeed