Authentic Salt Therapy?


 Authentic salt therapy or halotherapy breathing centers will have a certified halotherapist. A certified halotherapist will recommend salt therapy as a complementary therapy, not an alternative therapy. A certified halotherapist will know how to use a halogenerator, the number of sessions, and the salt concentration needed for each lung, skin, and sinus condition. Inside a salt therapy or halotherapy room, there are controlling sensors that carefully monitor the halogenerator and accurately measures the amount of dry salt aerosol concentration that is in the air inside the treatment room. This ensures your safety and provides you with optimal therapeutic levels of salt concentration. SALT WAVE is the only salt therapy or halotherapy breathing center in Canada that built its salt room with the close guidance of hospital Policlinico Di Bari in Italy.

There are three primary characteristics of pure sodium chloride, NaCl, known as salt:


  1. Salt is super absorbent (especially when it is completely dry)

  2. Salt is anti-bacterial

  3. Salt is anti-inflammatory

This type of dry salt is placed into a halogenerator that then precisely grinds the salt into specific micro-sized particles and then disperses the salt aerosol into the air in a closed environment such as a room. As the salt travels in the salt room, these salt particles of dry sodium chloride are inhaled into the respiratory system. The dry salt naturally starts to absorb and kill bacteria, allergens, toxins in your upper and lower respiratory tract. Dry salt may help to reduce inflammation and open airway passages. This is the basis for how dry salt therapy can impact people suffering from respiratory conditions like allergies, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, COPD, and others. The properties of dry salt also absorb impurities and provide anti-bacterial properties that benefit the skin such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema as well as regulates the skin's micro-circulation. The smaller particles can reach beneath the skin’s surface and absorb moisture towards the skin. The larger salt particles land on the skin and absorb any bacteria and foreign substances. The dry salt accelerates cell rejuvenation and improves skin rigidity.

The climate conditions in a dry salt room, therefore, must maintain a certain temperature and humidity levels and proper ventilation to ensure the efficacy of the salt therapy and provide a ‘clean-air’ environment for the consumer.

Only NaCl dissolves 100% in water and does not stay in the lungs, so anything else besides pure NaCl could negatively impact the lungs because other minerals and dirt won’t dissolve in water and will remain in the respiratory system. While these salts are great for cooking and digesting, inhalation is a very different system. Minerals and vitamins are for the digestive system, not for the lungs. And these other minerals and elements are not what impact the positive effects of halotherapy. Some of the elements could be harmful, especially when the microscopic micron-sized particles get deep into the respiratory system. All the clinical, medical, and scientific studies that have been published are based on utilizing only pure sodium chloride. The same salt that hospitals use in saline solutions that enter the body due to its purity is the same salt to be used for dry salt therapy. Some of the other salts may contain dirt, clay, and debris in their crystals, and when the precise mechanisms of the halogenerators crush and grind the salt, any foreign particles could damage the system. If you reside in Ottawa, ON, Canada, and wish to experience a natural controlled salt therapy near me, you should consider salt therapy at SALT WAVE as one of your best options. 

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