Salt Therapy

Bringing Salt Therapy to You in a Spa-Like Atmosphere

Salt therapy was first utilized hundreds of years ago after salt miners discovered the natural healing elements of the salt they worked around. Today, this same therapy is produced in a breathe salt room, which creates a microclimate that ensures the optimal salt level is experienced. Halotherapy works when pharmaceutical grade salt is crushed into micronized particles.



These particles are then dispersed into a breath salt room. If you enter a salt therapy room, you will inhale the particles that are being sent into the air. Salt therapy has been proven effective by countless clinical studies that have proven it as a natural way to stimulate the respiratory system, thus reducing inflammation and discomfort. It also clears blockages in the airways and lungs and fights infections within the respiratory system as well as various skin conditions.

This non-invasive, natural, safe treatment method, which mimics salt cave therapy, is a great way to treat various conditions without medications. You can utilize salt therapy as a complementary therapy and as a natural way to treat either your respiratory or skin condition. In addition, unlike medical treatments that are less than pleasant, salt therapy is a spa-like experience, designed to rejuvenate and replenish the body. Contact Salt Wave of Ottawa, ON, Canada to set up your salt therapy session today.

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