Section 18: Contract Changes

A. Amendments on Thirty Days’ Notice.

SALT WAVE expressly reserves the right to make any amendments or modifications to the Contract and/or the Sales Compensation Plan, upon thirty days prior written notice in Company publications, by separate mailing, or through online publication on the Company website(s). SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBERS agree that thirty days after publication of that notice, any amendment or modification becomes effective and is automatically incorporated into the Contract and/or Sales Compensation Plan, between the Company and its SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBERS, as an effective and binding provision. By continuing to act as a SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER, or engaging in any Distributorship activity, including purchasing products, recruiting other SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBERS, or earning commissions, after the amendments or modifications have become effective, a SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER acknowledges acceptance of the new Contract and/or Sales Compensation Plan terms.


B. SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBERS Bound by Amendments.

SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBERS will be bound by any amendments to this Policy Manual, the Contract, and/or the Sales Compensation Plan upon notification of amendments through any of SALT WAVE official channels of communication including the Company’s website, emails, newsletters or other publications or mail to the

SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER.  Ordering products or accepting commission payments confirms a
SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER’s ongoing acceptance of the Contract and any amendments, and the agreement to be bound by the Contract.

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