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Asthma is a major respiratory disease affecting millions. Although the respiratory system is essentially in good working order, the bronchi which are small tubes carrying air in and out of the lungs become inflamed and more sensitive than usual. The result is that when a person comes into contact with something that irritates the lungs, airways are narrowed and the muscles around tighten. There is an increase in the production of sticky mucus (phlegm) and difficulty in breathing. It is usually treated by prescription drugs and inhalers for immediate relief.


Salt Therapy or halotherapy can not only bring much-needed relief for persons suffering from asthma but also prevent the frequent recurrence of symptoms. This non-drug alternative respiratory treatment for asthma works by Killing bacteria reducing inflammation of the airways reduces IgE levels, which means the immune system won’t over-react to asthma/allergy triggers. There are a number of National Institute of Health and other scientific research studies that confirm halotherapy is an effective natural treatment for asthma. Salt therapy treatment for asthma has been a preferred alternative treatment in Europe for nearly 200 years. In Eastern Europe and Russia, it is known as speleotherapy with salt sanitariums established in caves. Now, this treatment is available at the Vermont Salt Cave Spa & Halotherapy Center instead of having to travel to the salt caves of Europe. Here you will find the simulated microclimate of these caves through the use of a Polish medically certified machine known as a halogenerator.For long term results 10 – 30 sessions are recommended for long term asthma results, with 2 or 3 sessions per week. In most clients after a course of salt therapy, airways become normal and symptoms disappear The treatment’s efficacy is estimated at 75-95%. Asthma sufferers, you will notice the immediate difference in your breath. I can guarantee that It only takes one salt sessions to feel the benefits of Salt Therapy. My introductory offer will introduce you to this wonderful natural therapy. My kids and I have been using our salt room for over four years and it helps us prevent colds and it has kept us healthy all year long. 



I have had acne since I was 15 years old and I have tried multiple treatments over the years.  I noticed that since I started salt therapy at Salt Wave, my skin has been cleared for months.  I started noticing the improvement after a month of doing the salt therapy.  I am 45 years old now and this has been a very positive experience.  People notice the change and I am very pleased with the results.

Thank you,


Anna Mota

Salt Wave has become a lifesaver for me.  I suffer from chronic asthma.  Last year I had a rough patch and was introduced to Salt Wave and in a very short time I went from taking Ventolin 5 times a day to none!  I recently returned to Salt Wave after suffering the worst case in years where I had 10 to 12 attacks per day triggered by anxiety.  I started going to Salt Wave at least 5 times a week.  Less than 3 weeks later attacks have drastically decreased to about 2 to 3 mild ones a day which is a miracle. It has controlled the anxiety and I know I will once again be free of Ventolin.  I am a true believer am blessed to have found this incredible natural healing therapy. 

As a bonus the  owners are incredibly kind, compassionate and so helpful! 

Lise Desjardins

I have been using Salt wave for over two months now on a regular basis ( 3-4 times/ week) and already I have felt a difference in my ability to breathe better. I didn't realize that I was that inhibited. Additionally, I'm feeling a decrease in my arthritic pain. I look forward to future wellness. Thanks, Hazel & Nicola!...Lise Desjardins

Sturnus Vulgaris

Have been coming for the past month with my 2 daughters 3 times a week as the youngest one (2 years old) was constantly sick. Between October and January, she had 3 ear infections and bronchitis and ended up with asthma. Every time we tried to cure her without giving her antibiotics in order to preserve her long term health, but it would turn in bad bronchitis and we had no choice but to give her the antibiotics. For the past month we noticed that her immune system got stronger she is now breathing better, has no whizzing, her nose is never stuffed and she doesn’t get sick when around sick kids. She also had eczema since she was born and her skin got much better. My older daughter and my self as well are benefiting from coming here 3 times a week. I have had bad sinuses for the past 15+ years and for the past month I can breathe cleanly and I can sleep better at night. I would recommend Salt Wave to everyone with little kids that get often sick in daycares or schools. Nicola and his wife (owners) are really nice and always accommodating as it is easy to work around my schedule to get sessions with my kids. Don’t wait and try it today!

Tatiana Mandel

I can't say enough great things about the Salt Wave at Westgate shopping centre! My son (10) stopped using puffers after just one week. No more coughing or bleeding nose. It's also great for my seasonal allergies and very very relaxing! Thank you Hazel and Nicola!

Mandie Bates

My 4 year old loved her first Salt Wave experience! (I don't know what took me so long to bring her with me lol). She says her favourite part was... everything!... and that picking the light colour was special to her. This girl that usually has anxiety in new (and sometimes familiar) surroundings was jumping with excitement that she was going to go in there and never showed one ounce of anxiety, just quietly played with the rocks and coloured. Thank you so much for making this experience a wonderful one and offering this service for our little family! 

Leila Ghobril

Today I enjoyed my second visit to Salt Wave. After our first visit, my mom and I couldn't wait to go back. We leave feeling relaxed and energized at the same time. This time I brought my 9-year-old daughter as well and she loved it. She has been suffering from a dry winter cough and as soon as we left she told she was feeling relief, she also has anxiety due to our current life situation and I believe this is the most relaxed she has been in a while. I am grateful for the laid back atmosphere and the warm welcome we received both times. I will be going back weekly as part of my healing journey and I hope you all take the time to give it a try. I want to thank Hazel Gazzetto ( manager/owner) for giving me and others a natural alternative to healing. ❤ can't wait for next week.

On a side note, my mom is a smoker and after this visit, we got right in the car without her even stopping for a cigarette first. BONUS.

Laura Fornieri

We had a great first experience at Salt Wave. Thank you so much to Hazel and her husband! They're a great team. So kind to my girls. We didn't bring any toys and they got the girls some to play with. so sweet! They both fell asleep in the car on the way home and now both in bed taking naps. I will definitely be back! Thank you

Krystal Girard

I had an amazing experience at Salt Wave! It was very relaxing. Halfway through the session, I felt a difference when I was breathing. My lungs were able to expand much more afterward. I will most definitely be going again. Thank you to the staff you are all AMAZING!