I can control my time, my income, and my life. 

SALT WAVE started this Company to give people opportunities and change lives for generations to come. Ready to find your “why” and achieve your goals?

Ways of Selling

In Person

People to people.  You can make connections and build your business with :

* Spa parties.

* Personal consultations.

  Some people are more comfortable in a one-

  on- one setting, so you can offer them your

  services on a more personal level.

* Holiday open houses.

  Oh, what fun it is to be a



Whether you’re a Digital Person or not, you’ll have lots of support with the latest technology :

•  SALT WAVE  Personal Website where

    customers can shop with you 24/7.

•  Book On Line

•  Facebook

On the Go

These online tools will help you make a good connection.

  • SALT WAVE  Mobile . It’s the saltwave.ca mobile site that helps you conduct your business on your smartphone.   And it’s your best business resource! You’ll be able to access Online Agreements, Online Ordering, and your Customers and Business databases.  You’ll also be able to process credit card payments.

  • Customers app. This invaluable system makes it easy to track all of your customer information, from Customer Profiles to reminders for product reorders.

  • SALT WAVE Catalogs. These beautiful online catalogs are an inexpensive way to promote your business and encourage online shopping.

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